Exotic monkey Brazza goes to the Podolsk zoo

Exotic monkey Brazza goes to the Podolsk zoo

From tomorrow everyone will be able to see the rare Red Book Monkey Brazza in the Podolsk zoo.

The management of the zoo keeps his word and today his new resident went to Vinnitsa.
“Now our monkey is traveling a mile to his new home,” notes Evgeny Tkachik, director of the Podolsk zoo. “I think tomorrow our visitors will be able to see her with their own eyes in the aviary, which we have already prepared for the Brazza breed for a long time. The first will come the boy. A little later, we will get a girl to have a couple.

Recall, the administration of the institution decided to purchase monkeys of the Brazza breed based on the results of a discussion they had recently held among the wineries. At that time 55.3% voted for the Brazz monkey, 44.7% of the respondents voted for Mona.

- While the baby does not have a name. Let's think together about how to name it, - the director suggests.

According to him, the administration will announce the discussion on this topic in the coming days. Therefore, follow our news on the official website and the zoo's Facebook page and join the discussion.