In Vinnitsa Zoo, seven kosolapykh did not hibernate

In Vinnitsa Zoo, seven kosolapykh did not hibernate

Bears, which are contained in the Vinnitsa in the Podolsk zoo, have not yet hibernated.

Can not sleep four brown clumsy. Do not sleep two girls and a boy of the Himalayan "breed." The director of the zoo Yevgeny Tkachik told this to NaParishi.

Last year, only Himalayan bears climbed into the den at the zoo. For the "brown", says Eugene Tkachik, was not only sleepless last year's winter. In hibernation, they do not fall for several years.

“Bears usually hibernate a few weeks before the cold. However, it is necessary that the air temperature be at least ten days -10 degrees. Animals feel a decrease in temperature ahead ... And if the air temperature fluctuates, today it is -10, and tomorrow -3, then no one will sleep with it. Now they walk drowsy, not playing, not energetic. This is not good for their health, it would be better for animals if they fell asleep in the fall and woke up in the spring, ”the director of the zoo said.

Zoo visitors wake clumsy rejoice, but surprised.