The address of the zoo in Vinnitsa

Vinnitsa, st. Serhiy Zulinsky, 9
Phone +38 (0432) 539 389

Hours: 09:00 to 19:00


How to get to the zoo?

There are several options for getting to the zoo in Vinnitsa:

А city bus, which is written "Kiev" or "VPS" (the final stop). If you arrived at the "Liberation Memorial" stop, you need to walk in a calm step for 7-10 minutes.

Тo call a taxi.

To go on your car, putting the route on the map.

The Podolsky zoo was founded in 2005, then animal enclosures were built. The main goal then was - this is the reproduction of those species of animals that have become smaller in our region, and also to preserve the species that are listed in the Red Book.

We have SPECIAL open-air cages, which are equipped to ensure that animals can live without problems in the winter period, also a large open-air cage for birds with mock towers, and for swimming - a pool.

Vinnytsia Zoo Constantly replenishes the ranks of its inhabitants with new species of animals, so recently American bison, wild pigs, Himalayan bears, EUROPEAN bison, deer and others appeared.

As of 2017, the Podolsk zoo has 111 heads of animals, and 105 heads of birds. In general - more than 60 species. We take care of our animals, they are under constant veterinary supervision (veterinarian - director of the zoo Yevgeny Tkachik).

For orphans and children of fighters who died in the ATO, there is an opportunity to visit the zoo for free (you need to have relevant documents with you).

For educational and preschool institutions. We offer a place to conduct classes in natural sciences and get acquainted with the surrounding world.

Podolsky Zoo to conduct educational at cultural and educational work with young people and schoolchildren. Now in Vinnitsa Zoo a large children's playground, green corners, recreation areas with various sculptures
Vinnytsya Zoo, with the help of the European Union, creates a center of cultural leisure. The total financing of the project amounts to 11.7 million hryvnias.